Yearbook Ads

Parents – send a dedication to your 6th grader in the 2021 yearbook! You can place a personalized message in a 2″x2″ square that will last a lifetime. Each square is just $10.00 and it goes directly to the PTA and programs for the school. Deadline is Monday, May 3rd.

It’s easy!

You can create your own square image or just provide text and we’ll use the default template.

  1. Fill out the form below to purchase, then
    • write the text you’d like on your dedication ad, –OR
    • upload your custom square image (at least 300×300 pixels)
  2. Thats it! Thank you for supporting College Park and the College Park PTA.

Here are some examples of custom dedications. Just submit a square image with whatever you’d like to share with your 6th grader. Dedications can have photos, words, clip art, handwriting or combination of them. Please, nothing that is copyright protected. Keep in mind that the size printed will be roughly 2″ x 2″.

If you don’t want to create your own image, you can still send well wishes with a text only dedication. Please limit your wording to 150 characters or less so the font size will be easily read.

Sorry, this form is closed as the submission deadline has passed.