The College Park Elementary PTA Welcomes You!

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College Park PTA (CPPTA) is a volunteer organization that supports College Park Elementary School’s students.  The CPPTA works with College Park’s teachers and staff to ensure that our students receive a high quality and enriching education.  Providing volunteers to help support school activities is just one way the CPPTA fulfills its mission.  Paying for several programs that cannot be funded by the state, such as Dolphin Games, Walk Through assemblies, Art programs, Lunch Time Activities and World’s Fair – just to name a few – is another important way we support our students.  For the sake of your child, as well other students at College Park Elementary School, please consider joining the CPPTA – annual membership dues are only $25 (which covers up to two adult family members).  Regardless of whether or not you become a member, we ask that you consider making a tax‐deductible donation of any size to the CPPTA.  If every student’s family joined the CPPTA, and most made a small additional donation, we would not need to engage in any other fund raising activities, and our members could devote their full efforts to fulfilling our mission.


CPPTA members (anyone who has paid PTA Membership dues is a CPPTA member) are encouraged to attend.

Stay Informed

The CPPTA will post upcoming events and other important information on our website at . We will also share information with each of the room parents to distribute to their classrooms/teachers.

Why PTA?


Partial Summary of Programs Supported in the 2014‐2015 Operating Budget

Instruction & Technology $10,750

  • Teacher Classroom Grants
  • Educational Specialists
  • Office Administration Support

Community Services $12,425

  • Family Nights
  • DARE
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Reflections Program
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Yearbook

Support Services $12,250

  • Health Clerk
  • Lunch Time Activities

Enrichment Programs $18,000

  • Art Programs
  • Assemblies
  • Guy Stuff
  • Mother‐Daughter Tea
  • Reading Counts

General Operating Expenses $4,240

  • Bank Expenses
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Irvine Unified Council Dues/Hospitality/Insurance
  • Legislative
  • Tax Preparation
  • Printing/Supplies


While members are not obligated to volunteer their time, there are opportunities great and small throughout the school year for you to share your time and talents if you wish. Last year, our PTA volunteers logged over 1,000 hours, both in the classroom and in support of programs. Please consider volunteering to help with activities and/or events – CPPTA would love to have you join us! If you would like to be contacted, please fill out this form and turn it in at the front desk: Volunteer-Form.pdf

Additional Information

Please contact us with any questions.