DOLPHIN DASH – Only 1 week away!

This event is PTA’s biggest fundraiser of the year. The money raised provides quality and enriching programs for ALL students at College Park. Here is a breakdown of what Dolphin Dash money provides: Lunch time activities $6000, Meet the Masters Art program $3500, Walk Through History Assemblies $4000, Family Nights $2500, and this year we were able to add a STEM program for $5000! We are currently at a donation level close to $9,000, which is about half of the amount we need to raise. Meeting our donation goals ensures that these wonderful programs can continue at CP.

Please support your child and PTA. Be sure to sign your child up on 99 pledges to get them ready for their Dolphin Dash donations. Once they are signed up, they can email family and friends for easy online donations. We would love each child to raise $30 for this event. If you can get 3 people (family, friends and neighbors) to donate just $10 each then you’ve reached your goal!! Prize levels start at the $30 donation level.

How does it work?  Donations can be made by clicking on the link below.

  1. Click or copy the link to register each child. You must add each child separately.
  2. Enter Child’s Name and Email.
  3. Group = Select Teacher Name-Grade. The teacher’s name and grade are already pre-loaded, just select the teacher. This is important so we can determine the top class, etc.
  4. Select Add and you are done! You will be sent your child’s own registration webpage. Once you are emailed your child’s own webpage, you can then Donate! We will also collect checks made out directly to the College Park PTA. Only those donations made online are able to be included in our contests and prize levels.

Thank you to the following 2017 Dolphin Dash Sponsors! Please click on their links to find out more about their businesses!

JEI Learning  **2 free class vouchers can be found in the office entrance**
18/8 –
Ildo Taekwondo –
Sunshine Carpet –
DonerG – 

Special Family Photo Event!

Come have your family portrait taken and be ready for the holidays!  No need to worry about using an old, outdated picture!  We have you covered!  Our 5th Grade Class is teaming up with Portraits by Chanchala to raise money for class-sponsored activities.  Each family who signs up will received a digital, high resolution portrait with no print restrictions!  You will be able to print as many pictures of varying sizes with no additional cost.  These portraits are being offered for only $89 PER FAMILY (price lowered from the original $110) and will include 3 poses!  What a deal!  No need to worry about sitting fees or hidden costs, and the portrait will be sent directly to you!  There are two days available for this opportunity, and will take place here at our school.  Please read the flyer below for all the details!

If you are interested in this amazing event, use the link:  to book your spot. We value each family’s time and we are accepting reservations.  Make yours today!

If you have any questions, please contact Franny Shah at

Red Ribbon Week – 10/23 to 10/27!

Hi College Park Families,

October 23rd -27th is Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week serves to promote a drug-free lifestyle and making good choices. Our students will focus on how to make good choices by respecting ourselves and others, offering kindness, maintaining honesty, and being responsible.

This year, the theme is “Your Future Is Key, Who Will You Be?”
Please encourage your children to talk about who they want to be in the future and what they need to do to get there. You can learn more about the history of Red Ribbon Week by following this link:

College Park’s Special Ruby’s Day is October 27th, Friday, 4:30pm-9pm
Ruby’s Diner – 4602 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92604
Bruxie Fundraiser: October 23rd-27th All day
14376 Culver Drive, Irvine CA 92604
Please show the flier. 20% of sale will go to Irvine Prevention Coalition.

Fun activities during Red Ribbon Week:
Monday 23rd – Kick off day. “Your Future Is Key, Who Will You Be?” and wear red.
Tuesday 24th – “Follow your dreams” and wear pajamas.
Wednesday 25th – Walk to school with DARE officer. “I’m bright for my future” and wear bright or neon colors. Meet at the parking lot at Harvard Sports park or at the stop sign on Poplar St and Harvard Ave at 7:45 a.m. to walk with a group. Another meeting spot is from Harvard square/Colony side where the cross guard is.
Thursday 26th – “Team up against bullies!” and wear your favorite team shirts/jerseys.
Friday 27th – ” Let’s show our spirit! We are kind to each other.” and wear College Park Spiritwear or blue. Ruby’s Night!

Pennies for Prevention:
Please send ONLY pennies! The school will earn $1 for every pound of pennies. The winning class will get Red Vines at the end of each day (let your child’s teacher know if they should get an alternate treat). On Friday, the class who collects the most pennies will win super lunch on the following week.

Thank you for your support,
Miki Bunnell, Gina Hays and Agnes Hahn, PTA Red Ribbon Week Committee