What does “PTA” mean?

PTA is the acronym for Parent Teacher Association.

Why should I join PTA?

By joining PTA you are supporting and becoming part of an organization that

  • Raises funds for and coordinates support for teachers and school programs
  • Provides a forum for family-school communication
  • Hosts events for school community building. -Your membership makes PTA’s voice stronger when PTA representatives speak to decision makers at the local, state, and national levels. The more the number of PTA members of a school the stronger the voice of that school is. -PTA membership allows you to vote in PTA elections, and to serve on the board.

How much does it cost to join PTA?

Membership dues are $25 per family.
Benefits include discounts and coupons for places such as Legoland, and voting rights.

What are my dues used for?

The first $4.75 per member is used for local and national dues and the remaining dues go toward continuing PTA programs and events.

Why doesn’t College Park do a Pledge Drive?

College Park has traditionally held two large fundraisers each year to raise the money needed to continue to support programs within the school.  While we may consider this in the future, we feel that there are many costs associated with the start of school and we do not want to burden our parents with an additional request for money above the membership drive.

How can I be a part of decision making on how to spend the funds?

By joining PTA and coming to PTA meetings you can participate in decision making on financial planning and are eligible to vote on different issues.

Do I have to be a PTA member to attend PTA meetings?

No you do not have to be a member to attend meetings. You are welcome to come! However, non-members may not vote, nor may they serve on the board.

Do I have to be a PTA BOARD member to be able to vote?

No. You do not have to serve on the PTA board to be eligible to vote. All PTA members have equal right to vote.

Can I give a donation to the PTA but not become a PTA member?

Yes. You may donate to the PTA without any obligation to become a PTA member.

Do I have to go to PTA meetings or volunteer at PTA events if I join?

No. You are under no obligation to attend meetings or volunteer if you become a member of PTA.

What is the difference between donating to the PTA and donating to IPSF?

Funds raised by College Park PTA are used to support program and material needs for College Park only, whereas IPSF raises money that is to benefit the school district as a whole, maintaining its reputation for excellence. Another major difference is that PTA is limited in how many staffing hours it can put funds toward according to district policy, whereas IPSF funds can be used more flexibly toward staffing, but must be of a sufficient amount to be equitable across the district.

The PTA Board Members already do everything, why should I get involved?

Wrong!  The PTA Board Members are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of volunteers.  Most PTA work is done at the Committee Level, so by volunteering for a committee, you are being a valuable asset to our PTA.  The PTA Board is responsible to carry out the required administrative business of the PTA to ensure we keep our Non Profit status.  Becoming a PTA Board Member is easy, too,  and we welcome all new participants!

When are PTA Elections and how can I get involved?

The PTA Nominating Committee is formed in January and will be looking for interested candidates starting then.  Elections are held in March at the regular PTA Association Meeting.  If you have an interest in serving on the Board, please let any current Board Member know.