College Park Elementary’s Open House on February 16th!

College Park Elementary School’s Open House is almost upon us!  Please join us on Thursday, February 16th, to visit your child’s classroom, talk to your child’s teacher, and see what your child has been learning this school year.

The Book Fair and Silent Auction will also be going on that same night, so feel free to walk around, take a peek, and use this opportunity to support your College Park PTA!  100% of the proceeds from the Silent Auction goes back to the children and school through various PTA sponsored activities.  We hope to see you there!

Lunch with Loved Ones on February 14th, 2017!

Due to the chance of rain on Friday, we will be postponing our Lunch with Loved Ones event. We will now be holding LUNCH WITH LOVED ONES on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, at your child’s lunch time*.  Please see our website for lunch times at

In addition, we are extending lunch times by 10 minutes in order to allow you to go to the book fair with your child if you wish to do so. While you will NOT have to sign in if you are going to be on the field with your child, you WILL be signing in at the front door or at the door by the lunch tables if you are going inside the building to the book fair.

*Due to the Walk Through for Mrs. Johnson and Lombrano’s class, their “Brunch” with Loved Ones will be held at 10:30 a.m.

Our kids love nothing more than to have their parents (or grandparents, special adults in their lives, relatives, etc.) at Lunch with Loved Ones, and we hope you can find time in your schedule to make this a special day for them.

School Board Candidates Forum

The Irvine Unified Council PTA (IUCPTA) hosted a school board candidates forum on October 5th.  There are six candidates running for three open seats.  If you are interested in hearing more, the video of the forum is on IUCPTA’s website.  The candidate’s statements are also on the website.  The candidates responded to the following 10 questions.  The first 3 were from IUCPTA and the rest are from the audience.

Candidates Forum Questions:

  1.  In what ways have you participated in the LCAP?
  2.  Did you support Measure E?  Why or why not?
  3.  What do you think are the educational gaps or weaknesses in the district and what are its strengths?
  4.  Some old schools were closed and relocated to new development areas. This destroyed the village concept of the original master plan.  Will you support IUSDreopening some of the old schools to restore the village concept so that people can walk and bike to school?
  5.  What is your position on prop. 55? And why.
  6.  If all of a sudden the district budget were to increase by 20%, what would you do?
  7.  What would you do to improve math curriculum so that integrated math will work to assure all students are getting the math that they need?
  8.  Does the separation of longstanding classmates and school-based communities due to high school redistricting concern you? If so, what is your plan to address the issue that is currently facing numerous middle school students and their families who are being separated from their school communities.
  9.  What are your goals for being on the school board? Why did you decide to run?
  10.  What would you do to improve safety at the schools?

It’s not too late!  You can still register to vote through Oct. 23rd for the Nov. 8th election!