College Park Dolphin Dash

This year’s College Park Dolphin Dash will be on
Wednesday, November 15th

The Dolphin Dash is College Park’s largest fundraiser where families, friends and neighbors pledge money to support the students as they jog or walk in the Dolphin Dash, which takes place during your child’s regular school day. Donations will be used for great programs like Science and Art, Reading Counts and Lunch Activities. This year all College Park Students will be receiving a Dolphin Dash T-Shirt!

Our goal is to raise at least $25,000, and for each child to raise at least $30.

How does it work?  Donations can be made by clicking on the link below.

  1. Click or copy the link to register each child. You must add each child separately.
  2. Enter Child’s Name and Email.
  3. Group = Select Teacher Name-Grade. The teacher’s name and grade are already pre-loaded, just select the teacher. This is important so we can determine the top class, etc.
  4. Select Add and you are done! You will be sent your child’s own registration webpage. Once you are emailed your child’s own webpage, you can then Donate! We will also collect checks made out directly to the College Park PTA. Only those donations made online are able to be included in our contests and prize levels.

Please send in pledges no later than
Wednesday, November 22nd



After the Dolphin Dash, students will have the opportunity to earn prizes as a way for the PTA to say “thank you” for their hard work in doing their best to help their school and for collecting their pledges on time.

  • Raise $30 – Fidget Spinner Eraser and Homework Pass
  • Raise $50 – College Park Spirit Bracelet and Homework Pass
  • Raise $150 – $3 Baskin Robbins Gift Card and Homework Pass
  • Raise $250 – $5 Chronic Taco Gift Coupon, Homework Pass and Front of the Line Pass
  • 2nd Top Pledge – $50 Boomers Card, Homework Pass and Front of the Line Pass
  • Top Pledge – $100 Target Gift Card, Homework Pass and Front of the Line Pass
  • Top Class – Ice Cream Party!