Dolphin Games Coming Next Week

Dolphin Clip Art 1Dolphin Games Are Coming Up!

During the week of March 23rd 2015, College Park will be holding our Annual Dolphin Games.

In order to successfully conduct this event, we need your help!

We need parent volunteers to come and assist in recording, measuring, and timing.  The more eyes & hands we have, the safer our children can be on this exciting day!

Please just come at your child’s scheduled time!We are excited for our students to have an opportunity to physically challenge themselves while continuing in their tremendous academic efforts. Please see times below!

Please come out and help any day you can!

Mon. Mar 23rd 8:15-10:12a 2nd grade & Moore
Mon. Mar 23rd 10:45a-12:45p 6th grade & Hunt
Tues. Mar 24th 8:15-10:00a 3rd grade
Tues. Mar 24th 10:30a-12:05p 1st grade & Antunez
Wed. Mar 25th 9:40-11:20a Kinder
Thurs. Mar 26th 8:00-10:00a 4th grade
Thurs. Mar 26th 10:45a-12:45p 5th grade & Gutierrez

Please remember to send water with your student on this day!

Note: Treats are not provided by school on this day; however some classes may get popsicles or a treat that isusually parent donated. If you would like to do this for your class please coordinate with your teacher and/or room parent!